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      Shenzhen xinyigao Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of glass deep processing equipment with a certain scale and production capacity. It has its own design, research and development, processing, manufacturing, installation and perfect after-sales service.
   After years of research and development and accumulation, the company has made continuous progress and efforts, and has successively developed and manufactured tempered glass homogenizer, high-speed glass cleaning dryer, laminated glass production line, glass edging machine, full-automatic glass mounting platform, suction cup hanger, film pasting machine and other glass deep processing equipment. Strict ISO effective operation, as well as strict process control in CE product design, procurement and production, to ensure that the products are more perfect, safer, humanized and competitive. High quality products, perfect after-sales service and good reputation of the industry make the product sales market expand continuously and sell all over the country and the world.
    Relying on the product quality and performance reliability, we have gradually formed our own characteristics and advantages. Many large domestic glass processing enterprises have our own equipment: China Southern Glass Group, Xinyi Glass Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Jiangmen yaopi engineering glass Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Sanxin special glass technology Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Yinhui Glass Co., Ltd., and Glen Special engineering glass (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., Guilin Pilkington Glass Co., Ltd., Changchun Pilkington Glass Co., Ltd., Fuyao Glass Group, Taiwan Glass Group, etc. It has successively exported to the United States, France, Britain, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, Iran, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Germany and dozens of other countries and regions.
    The company's products for many years have been high-quality products, perfect after-sales service as the goal, pay attention to technological innovation, and constantly develop new products. In order to provide customers with satisfactory products and technical services, we will, as always, persevere and forge ahead!